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A conversation we need to have. House rules. Every once in a while I need to bring this up. News with Analysis is not a far right or far left channel. We are a Conservative channel. I'm a proud Conservative and damn proud of it. But there are some simple rules here.

We allow conversation from the left, right, and in the middle. This channel is one of the few channels that allows everyone to post their views with a few exceptions. Hanging is a no no. Personal attacks another no no. Individual attacks definitely not. Politicians you have more leeway.

Death threats even against Politicians is a no no. Have some committed crimes, yes they have. Should they be executed if the crime calls for that? Yes. But the execution must follow the law.

Getting back to different opinions. We have about a half dozen Liberals who comment here. We also have about 45-50 who stop in daily, up vote, down vote,  and read the comments or the articles. As long as everyone is civil towards each other they will be welcome.

Very few are banned here and none are spammed. I want everyone to play nice and follow the rules.

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