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17 Apr

Why's California's education system so bad? It seems as if the left is always talking about how bad the education system in some red states are so bad. But never do they talk about the education system in blue states. States like California.

And when they do it's about the campus riots and the shootings and violence at the schools. So I thought I will look into this and see where the education system in California ranks. What aren't they telling us?

 A new study by Scholaroo has found that California’s school system ranks at #44 in the United States — just six spots from the bottom of the list.Researchers for the 2022 Student Success Rankings analyzed 42 metrics into three key indicators of education success, Student Success, School Quality, and Student Physical & Mental Safety, and ranked California as #44.

And what happened after this horrible ranking?

But then something weird happened. As attendance dropped at union-run schools, they should have lost the government funding associated with each student. But thanks to Newsom, they didn’t lose a dime. The governor used his emergency authority to maintain school funding at pre-pandemic levels, insulating union-run schools from the impact of their own bad behavior.

Witnessing all this, parents flocked to school board meetings. They demanded — often forcefully — that officials reopen and fix their schools. In a rare show of bipartisanship, parent groups representing liberal, conservative and otherwise nonpolitical parents blossomed. Recall campaigns launched.

The California School Boards Association — whose members are most often politicians bankrolled by teachers union dollars — responded to simmering parent rage by asking Gavin Newsom to target parents for criminal investigation. California Policy Center used the state’s Public Records Act to demand the governor’s documents on the matter. Newsom’s office admitted the governor discussed investigating parents, but refused to release any documents of those conversations.,and%20ranked%20California%20as%20%2344.

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