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17 Feb

A real doctor, (Not one who plays one in front of the MSM) bitch slapped the head of the CDC and the FDA. Here is the letter Joe Ladapo sent to the FDA and CDC yesterday. It speaks for itself. The link is below.

He also issued this Health Alert on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine SafetyWhat is stunning is the silence from the medical community and other state surgeon generals.

One surgeon general is on the right side of history. The others? Well, not so much. It would be great to have a debate on this issue wouldn’t it? Clearly, it’s something that is important to resolve. But there will be no debates. 

Ladapo calls for transparency. The single best way to provide that transparency is to release the record-level data on deaths and vaccination so that EVERYONE can see what is going on.

Will they do this? Not a chance. The reason is simple: Our government doesn’t want anyone to find out how many Americans they have killed.

If they want to prove me wrong, release the data! There is absolutely no reason to hide the truth.

In the letter.

 The State of Florida remains dedicated to responding to COVID-I9 and other public health concerns through data-driven decisions. We will continue to shed light on the safety and efficacy of medications, including mRNA COVID-I9 vaccines, that could be an imminent threat to those with preexisting conditions.

We will also promote the importance of prevention by supporting good nutrition, exercise, and other healthy habits.

As a father, physician, and Surgeon General for the State of Florida, I request that your agencies promote transparency in health care professionals to accurately communicate the risks these vaccines pose. 

I request that you work to protect the rights and liberties that we are endowed with, not restrict, and diminish them

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