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01 Apr

In case you haven't noticed,  We have a new person in charge. Here and at Looking. Phoenix is now the administrator for both channels. I now serve at his pleasure. But I wanted to post some numbers for this channel since we've had the change.

We have had views from 27 countries, 75 states, provinces, or islands, and 265 different cities. That's just on this channel. This channel is truly an international channel. 

What's truly amazing to me is that we now have had over 70,000 views from social media. For a small channel like ours, that's not too bad. When you consider that the majority of the social venues are MSM and liberal social sites.

We're a Conservative channel but like in the past we welcome views from both sides. We just ask that you be civil to each other. Attack if you must, but someones views or position. Please do not make personal attacks.

So please give Phoenix a warm welcome and if anyone is interested in writing articles here, Please let Phoenix or myself know.

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