Anyone posting a threat especially against a law enforcement officer or politician will be banned
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04 Sep

Always willing to try something new. Scanning the news, here's what I found.


Joe Biden had COVID-19. He had a half-dozen vaccines and still gets it. How funny. I see Dr. Fauci also has it a second time this year. They preach the unvaxed are unpatriotic, and look what happens to them.

 In October of 2020, President Trump had it and Biden said how reckless he was coming out on the second floor balcony of the White House, waving at the people. The news media went hysterical over this. Then, Biden made a short speech unmasked. The media and his press secretary said no big deal. He wasn’t close to anyone.

 How sad the national media are in how they treat President Trump and Biden.



What is abortion? When a mother-to-be doesn’t want to be responsible for a little life. She thinks this would be an easy way out, instead of helping another woman to have a baby to love. The 14th Amendment talks about citizenship rights and gives women the right to become citizens of the United States if they are born here. All persons born in the United States have rights to have a life.

 In 1973, an abortion doctor said that a fetus is not a person — it is a fluid sac around the person. There were no studies about how a baby grew. They believed the fetus couldn’t feel anything, all the way to the ninth month. The doctor deceived the judges.

If a baby is not a person, it doesn’t have a right to life in America. They put the mother in danger when having an abortion — it could damage her body, too. It can cause her body to stop functioning and can never have a baby again. 

When a baby is born prematurely, it can live outside of the mother. A preemie is a person, not a fetus. We have lost over 70 million new citizens since the 1973 con job. Democrats want to get rid of citizenship in our country to let people and kids at the border come in illegally by the millions for 18 months. We need help!










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