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05 Mar

Something hit me today that if it happens, we as a country are in big big trouble. Let's hope I'm dead wrong on this. Here goes. As you know the Biden administration folks are globalists. And that's what's scary. As you know, Joe went into this Ukraine situation with his eyes closed.

Here's what scares me. As I said, the Biden administration are globalists. So let' say that Russian Oil is cut off and Europe goes into a recession. The natural thing to do would be the US opens up all the drilling sites and pipelines that are now closed. To help. My fear?

Biden does some type of executive order to where he puts our country on some type of rationing and orders the oil companies to send our oil to Europe at our expense. Fair share of suffering. And this whole time, Biden still refuses to allow the companies to drill on new sites or open the closed pipelines. 

What say you?

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