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08 May

The whole article by Dr. Singleton is here.

I’m a doctor and my Black parents saw me break free of segregation. Now medical schools are bringing it back. Medical schools are returning to ‘separate but equal,’ but doctors know we’re all the same on the inside.

My mother and father went to segregated schools, separated from Whites because they were Black. They told me, as a child, that they wanted better for me. They got their wish when I went to Stanford University and then the University of California at San Francisco’s medical school, both fully integrated and welcoming. Before they passed away, they firmly believed that the era of separating people by race was over forever.  My parents were wrong.

 Higher education is deliberately re-segregating, driven by race-obsessed activists who, bizarrely, claim to oppose "systemic racism." Universities like Harvard and Chicago have held Black-only graduation ceremonies in recent years.


'And in recent weeks, America’s most prestigious medical journal published a now infamous article calling for separating the races into different groups – based on a pilot program at my own alma mater. This is easily the greatest regression in civil rights in my lifetime, bringing back the very evil my parents endured and dreaded.

This is blatant racism. It implies that Blacks can’t deal with the rigors of medical education because of our skin color. And it holds that we need to be shoved into our own group – let’s call it "separate but equal" – if we hope to succeed. Hogwash. Clearly, Black medical students can succeed just fine without being segregated. I prove it. So do countless others, going back decades.  


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