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28 Mar

The three groups I mention in the title have the same goals. Get rid of Capitalism and Capitalists. Now except for a small minority, the Progressives and University leftists aren't violent. But they have no issues when violence is used.

Terror groups abroad openly advocate and use violence. No issues with killing those that they disagree with. Will claim to be peace loving, but again their actions are just the opposite.

University leftists refuse to listen to anyone who disagrees with them. Try to shut down campuses to any view that differs from theirs. Their idea of free speech is speech that supports their views.

Progressives on the internet are the sneaky ones. Will not face you or debate you, but will dox you and your family and friends. Have strong racist views and try to blame those views on their family upbringing. You find them mostly on both the West and East Coast. Claim they are not violent, but rejoice when bad things happen to Conservatives, Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

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