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25 Feb

East Palestine updates and Whitmer throwing money at Norfolk Southern to come to Michigan. Well Pete finally showed up and as usual made an ass of himself  and again blamed Trump. But like before the NTSB director had to fact check him andnd for the second time state the obvious.

Not so fast, said Jennifer Homenday, chair of the National Transportation Safety Board. Trump’s suspension of requirements for electronically-controlled pneumatic brakes had nothing to do with the wreck, which NTSB has hinted as having been caused by a faulty train car bearing, she said. 

Besides, even if the ECP brake rule was still in effect, it would not have applied to the ill-fated East Palestine train, according to Homenday. Last week she had said that Pete and his followers were spreading misinformation.

Now the hazardous dirt and water has been sent out to Texas and Michigan. Some of the fanatics are screaming that it should stay in Ohio. That's what happens when you don't do any research. These states have these special operations that handle this waste. If this were to happen in say Pennsylvania or Maryland they would have done the same. 

Speaking of Michigan Governor Whitmer is offering 15 million to Norfolk Southern for rail infrastructure around the new EV BATTERY PLANT. I guess Ford and China don't want to spend their own money. Remember Norfolk Southern is a WOKE Corporation.

Finally Biden has the feds going door to door asking people if they're OK. And what if they say no?


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