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17 May

Thanks to JORDAN SCHACHTEL and The Dossier for this article.

The White House has nominated a Pfizer-tied doctor to become the next director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

In a statement released by the White House, President Biden declared Dr. Monica Bertagnolli “a world-class physician-scientist whose vision and leadership will ensure NIH continues to be an engine of innovation to improve the health of the American people.”

 The NIH is currently led by Lawrence Tabak, a Bill Gates stooge who replaced longtime NIH chief Francis Collins. Collins resigned after emails surfaced that he and Anthony Fauci, among others, coordinated with other influential figures to silence doctors and scientists who opposed the covid hysteria narratives. 

Dr Bertagnolli has received a stunning $290.8 million in research funding from Pfizer.

The Daily Signal, a project of the Heritage Foundation, reported that from 2015 through 2021, she “received more than 116 grants from Pfizer, totaling $290.8 million, making up 89% of her research grants.”

Anthony Fauci, who remains on salary at the NIH and has a taxpayer-funded U.S. Marshals security detail, told The Washington Post that he personally advocated for her selection as the next NIH director. 

Bertagnolli has also received $17.4 million in grant funding from Janssen Research & Development LLC, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The revolving door strikes again, now more in your face than ever before. 


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