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06 Feb

The former Levi's executive who at the time was a known Liberal. But she saw what the school closures would do to the children. She spoke out and was forced out. Why? Cause the loons like Tony the Fauch was telling us that the children were in danger.

Jennifer Sey says she lost her job as a Levi's executive last year after speaking out against school lockdowns she warned were detrimental to children and garnered criticism from mainstream media outlets that hit her for her stance. Despite three years of what Sey slammed as "fear-mongering" against children returning to the classroom.

The New York Times now seems to agree. 

"Many young children failed to reintegrate to classrooms quickly because they needed to relearn basic socialization skills, one clinician said, while teenagers returned to schools bearing anxiety disorders ‘beyond anything I’ve ever seen in my career,’" NYT Health tweeted last Wednesday. 

Sey, firing back, wrote, "When parents raised this we were called racists & mocked by @nytimes reporters. You refused to include us (fairly) in any coverage. We were vilified as alt right psychos. Some of us lost jobs for saying what you say here. But we were right. You owe us & kids a major apology." 

"I endured an aggressively hostile work environment for 2 years at @LeviStraussCo & ultimately lost my job & livelihood for having the insight & foresight to say the thing the @nytimes has finally caught on to 3 yrs later. So this news wasn’t "fit to print" until now?" she added in a separate tweet.

A Times article titled "Students Lost One-Third of a School Year to Pandemic, Study Finds," published last month, also alluded to the harm caused by pandemic lockdowns, pointing to "learning deficits" and failure to recover from learning losses after more than two years.

"I feel enraged," Sey said of the rhetorical shift Sunday on "Fox & Friends Weekend." 

"People like you and me had the audacity to say something before The New York Times said it, something that was patently obvious that children would be harmed from prolonged school closures. We were vilified and we were smeared. It's the reason I was ousted from my job," she told Fox News' Rachel Campos-Duffy. 

The New York Times did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital's request for comment. 

The complete article is here.

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