Anyone posting a threat especially against a law enforcement officer or politician will be banned
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28 Jul

Quick History lesson since our audience has grown greatly since January. White Plantationists are white progressives. Many are divorced bitter women. Some latch on to minorities hoping that hides their racism, bigotry, and hate speech. For some reason they feel like they have to tell minorities ( usually blacks ) where to live, how to vote, and what to think.

Now one of my co writers at substack is Ann Coulter. Now Ann and I don't always agree ( her fault is being a Never Trumper ). But Ann makes some great points in her article

Sorry I Murdered You with My “Hate Speech"

She goes into how the hate speech is coming from blacks and white progressives. Her guest ( a fanatic progressive covers how those from the left are not allowing free speech from the right.

In closing. from Coulter's article.

Thanks to the University of Michigan being forced to release documents in response to an ACLU lawsuit challenging its “hate speech” code in the late 1980s, Strossen reveals that, during the brief time it was in effect, more than 20 cases were brought against black people for racist speech..   

  The “irony” of hate speech laws being applied to the people who engage in most of the hate speech has led law professor Charles Lawrence to argue for “hate speech” codes that would apply only to those “in dominant majority groups,” i.e., white people.     See? To me, that sounds like the rule of an “oppressor.”But like Strossen, I believe in free speech.  It’s not the “hate speech” that bothers me: It’s the physical violence and intentional race discrimination against white Americans that’s beginning to get on my nerves.

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