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Sans Proof, Hysterical Politico Warns of Major Sea Level Rise by 2050
Paging former president Barack Obama! Did you know that not only your island home on Martha's Vineyard but your new beachfront home currently being built on Oahu are in imminent danger of being flooded out? And the millions of dollars you spent on both will also be washed away! 

Although that headline doesn't sound all that certain with that "could" bit, the first sentence of Coleman's article shifts to total certainty: "Sea levels along U.S. coasts will rise by as much as a foot in the next 30 years as climate change accelerates, leading to a 'dramatic increase' in millions of Americans’ exposure to flooding, scientists warned in a federal report published Tuesday." 

The rest of Coleman's warning to Obama and others is completely free of actual data:
Tens of millions of people already live in areas of the U.S. at risk of coastal flooding, with more moving to the coasts every year, the report noted. This population migration, combined with rising sea levels and other climate impacts, will increase their vulnerability and the risks of flooding for critical infrastructure affecting sectors such as transportation, energy, water and the military, according to the report. While coastal cities such as Charleston, S.C., and West Palm Beach, Fla., are likely to experience an increase in damaging high-tide flooding as sea levels rise, the report also warned cities further inland such as Camden, N.J., are increasingly vulnerable to flooding that could overwhelm sewer systems. “This is a global wake-up call and gives Americans the information needed to act now to best position ourselves for the future,” NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad said in a statement.


The federal government report said high tides and storm surge heights will increase, propelling damaging waters further inland, increasing flooding rates and turning once-dry places soggy. ...The report emphasized near-term sea level trajectories because understanding future sea levels could inform planning and infrastructure decisions cities and towns make. It backed up a conclusion of the last such federal sea level study, that the increase would accelerate after 2050, but it scrapped that 2017 report’s most extreme projection of 2.5 meters of sea level rise by 2100 because “uncertain physical processes” such as ice sheet loss are now seen as less plausible in the coming decades than they were when that report was published.
Or could it be that the projection of an 8 foot rise in sea level by 2100 made that federal sea level study a worthy target of mockery so they modified it to down to just a foot rise by 2050? The rest of the article has the Nostradamus of Politico warning of sea rise flooding by 2050.         

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