Let them eat cake. What has Trump has done to the courts?

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Let them eat cake. What has Trump has done to the courts? Short answer, he’s making them great again. Not just the Supreme Court, but the lower court of appeals and the district courts. Two Supreme Court appointees, 50 court of appeals, and 112 district court appointees.

There are hundreds more that will be retiring soon. When re-elected, our President will be able to shape the courts for the next 20-30 years. Why’s that? The average age of the Trump appointees are under 50.

When Congress has been unable to function, the executive branch has relied on existing federal laws that delegate some policymaking authority to federal agencies, in order to deal with many of the nation’s pressing needs. But with the Supreme Court poised to give judges a veto power over these agencies’ actions, the courts could in effect strike down any regulation they dislike. In a Republican-controlled judiciary, this likely means that Republican administrations will retain broad discretionary authority.


Source: VOX