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Free at last, Free at last. Pennsylvania voters pass constitutional amendments to limit governor’s emergency orders without legislative support. As you know, Democrat governors were going around the state legislatures and using so called emergency powers for the COVID-19.

But the voters of Pennsylvania said enough. On May 18, Pennsylvania voters approved two constitution amendments on the governor’s emergency powers, which were a point of conflict between the Republican-controlled Legislature and Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf during the coronavirus pandemic. According to unofficial results on May 19, both Question 1 and Question 2 received 54% of the statewide vote. 

And what are those Amendments? Question 1 allows the Pennsylvania General Assembly to pass a resolution, which would not require the governor’s signature, to extend or terminate the governor’s emergency declaration. Question 2 limits the governor’s declaration to 21 days unless the legislature votes on a concurrent resolution to extend the order.

Now they go into effect as soon as the votes are certified. The people have spoken.

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