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D.C. Homicides Reach 20 Year High Under Joe Biden’s Prosecutor

The number of Washington, DC, homicides reached 2003’s record high (248) under President Joe Biden’s prosecutor, police said Monday. The District’s soaring crime impacts local taxpayers and business owners. In recent months, several restaurants closed due to cost and crime. Whole parts of the city are impacted, such as H Street, where many shelves are bare. Below are six key D.C. crime statistics:

  1. U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves, who is responsible for prosecuting those D.C. police arrests, prosecuted only 56 percent of those arrested in 2023
  2. Homicide rose 33 percent in 2023
  3. Robbery spiked 67 percent 2023
  4. Motor vehicle theft increased by 97 percent 2023
  5. At least 760 carjackings occurred in the first ten months of this year
  6. 65 percent of those arrested for carjacking are juveniles

Police said Monday they found a man with a gunshot wound on the 4200 block of 4th Street in Southeast. The victim died on the scene. The incident represents the 248th homicide in 2023, a mark not reached for 20 years (2003). The District is in a state of public emergency. Last week, Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser declared the public emergency to reduce crime. The order will enhance the activation, implementation, and coordination of aid agreements between the District, federal, and local authorities. 

Taxpaying residents are not immune to crime, even if they are member of the president’s family. The Secret Service opened fire on three individuals trying to break into the SUV of President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden, on November 12. 

It’s pathetic that the Naomi Biden incident was the catalyst for the MSM to finally acknowledge the severity of the DC crime crisis. Crime has gotten worse for the last 5 years and has finally boiled over into the mainstream consciousness. Will @councilofdc wake up? I doubt it. 

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