Can we be serious? Why is the left bringing over these criminals?

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Can we be serious? Why is the left bringing over these criminals?  Black America is dying politically. I'm not talking about office holders and someone will point out the Black VP. Oh wait she's Oriental this week. I forgot. A topic for another day.

LBJ and his social handouts created a welfare state amongst Blacks that exists to this day. And they bought into it. At first had welfare babies then decided to abort them. No sharing the wealth there.

So we see that some started to vote Republican as did the undocumented Latinos. Well the Latinos so far haven't bought into the kill your baby now. They started to get an education and learned the language.

 So what does the left do? Import the illiterate immigrants.. They work low paying jobs and suck up the social programs. And they don't learn the language and here's where Candice Owens explains it better than I.

Candace told host Tucker Carlson. “What comes next for these illegal immigrants? — Free stuff!” Owens claimed that free health care and hotel rooms are some of the reasons that will entice them to vote for Democrats, who in turn will stay in power. 

Blacks are no longer needed cause the number are not growing. Used to be if a Republican gets 10% of the black vote they win the Presidency. Come 2024 20% may not be enough.