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Deplorably Right

History shows that invasions follow battles, with the victors taking over the lands of the vanquished and moving their own people into these new territories against the will of the vanquished population.  This pattern is true from the beginning of historical records with the Assyrians.  We see a fight, a conquest, and a migration for expansion or resource extraction.

But what if there was no battle, no fight?  What would you call situation where waves of foreign people simply move into an area against the will of the existing population and government, and yet that government makes no real concerted efforts to stop it?

“An invasion, absent battle”?   

Possibly.  That would describe it well.  But battle is not a requisite for an invasion, which is simply the imposition of one people into the territory of another people, against the latter’s will and autonomy.  So simply put, it is an invasion.  

Call it what it is.  It is not mean spirited or racist; it is merely describing it for what it actually is.

To be clear, this description is not anti-immigrant; it does not in any manner refer to LEGAL immigrants who are welcome guests in our country and invited to stay and obey our laws.

President Trump is correct to call it an invasion, and his advocacy for stronger border security is justified.

Democrats, on the other hand,  will paint this as a “refugee crisis”, or simply a “migration” while asserting that our nation is a “nation of immigrants”, thus conflating illegal immigrants- who are unwelcome invaders- with legal immigrants, who are welcome  invitees.  Democrats will always play games with words.

Personally I think Democrats secretly prefer the word “Surrender” to describe our country’s (willful) inability to stop this unwanted migration.  Democrats take great effort to downplay this phenomena and will distort this issue by saying this is not an invasion.  They will side with the invaders and support their efforts.  They will highlight sympathetic examples of illegal immigrants to warm our hearts, but that is irrelevant- propaganda always plays on emotions instead of logic.  It is still an invasion.

Call it what it is, and do not let the Democrats or leftists frame the dialog with distortions of words.


#WordsMatter, #DemocratsSurrenderAmerica, or something like that. If only I tweeted.